LPI 101 Revision Resource Guide

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This document is intended to give you information on where to find the resources for revising for the LPI 101 exam, perhaps your goal to help you learn GNU Linux whist also gaining your first Linux certification. I'm not going to explain each utility and command you should know (unless I have time) but this should give you a general checklist to work through.

Note: The Linux Professional Institute does not endorse any third party exam preparation material or techniques in particular - for details please contact info@lpi.org

For the sake of arguement I've been revising from the Coriolis LPI Exam Cram book, and this document follows it's general layout without it's content. I won't be reproducing any of its content in this work.

Beginners: Some of the utilities and commands may seem strange but learning these will enhance how you use Linux and speed your use in developing solutions to problems. You will find yourself using these commands once you know them. As a beginer I've found that although I use the GUI for a lot of my work, revising for the 101 has helped my understanding of Linux as a whole and studying for it seems to provide a very strong background for your future learning and development.


  1. General Revision Resources
  2. The Command Line
  3. Text-processing Basics
  4. Working with Grep and Sed
  5. File Management
  6. Working with Processes
  7. The Linux Filesystem
  8. Users, Groups and Permissions
  9. Booting Linux
  10. Documentation
  11. Administering the System
  12. After the 101

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